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OPTIMA's Nano volume Photometer



OPTIMA is launching a new nano volume photometer. NanoEX will lead new trends in market.







 real2  Real 2Steps

Automatic cover and no blank measurement finally fulfilled real 2 steps, drop & measure.

Quick  Quick Boot

LED drive technology requires no warming up time.

Path  No Path Length Selection

No need of setting up path length enables quick measurement.

Button  Quick Button

Operate major functions with one button.

Cuvette  Normal Cuvette Holder

Measure bacterial cell growth rate at 600nm (OD600).

Multidevice  Multi Device Connectivity

USB flash drive / Mobile application / PC

  Standalone Operation

4.3 inch full color touch screen guides you for proper operation.

  Automatic Cover

It minimizes measurement steps and also manages precise control.


LCD full touch color screen provides intuitive user interface.

LCD Full


Android Application realizes multi device connectivity.

Results got from the device directing to your smart device. Generate a report from raw data as PDF and EXCEL form. Share results to any other via e-mail.



Support band

sample monitoring


Range 260nm, 280nm + 360nm (for baseline) include + 600nm (cell counting) include
Minimum Sample Volume 0.5μL
Light Source(s) LED (Energy-efficient)
Detector Type Silicon Photodiode (UV-VIS range)
Absorbance Range 0 – 150 Abs
Detection Limit about 4ng/μL (dsDNA)
Maximum Concentration 7,500 ng/μL (dsDNA)
Measurement Reproducibility about 3% at 1000ng/μL
Minimum Measurement Time < 5 seconds
Measurement Cycle Time < 10 seconds
Sample Pedestal Material of Construction 303 stainless steel and quartz fiber
Spectral Resolution Typ. 12.0nm
Operating Voltage 12VDC
Software Compatibility Embedded S/W (Built-in) Android APP (Provide)
Features Slope Algorithms (Not reference) Sample Monitoring (equipped with a built-in camera) Sample Cover Auto-Operation Android App. (B/T Comm.)
Dimension 148 (W) X 179 (D) X 110 (H) mm
Weight 1.5 Kg
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